Spanish Birding in Sotogrande


The Southern tip of Spain is one of the best places in the world to witness bird migration. With only 16 miles separating Gibraltar and Spain from Morocco and the African continent, this is the natural spring and autumn migration crossing point for millions of birds, and especially, Raptors, Storks, Passerines and Herons. The Straits between the continents are also a major fly-way for Gulls, Terns, Shearwaters and Waders during the year, as well as an impressive array of Cetaceans.

This site provides information on holiday accommodation for those interested in birds, wildlife walking and great food and drink! Our beautiful apartment is available to rent throughout the year. Situated only 20 minutes away from Gibraltar, the Apartment overlooks an estuary and Nature Reserve, allowing spectacular views of migrating Raptors, Storks, and Passerines

Ospreys are regular and often winter. One named Beatrice, was radio tagged on the Moray Firth Scotland and winters near the apartment! Click on the link to follow her amazing journey leaving Sotogrande and arriving a month later on at her nest site in Scotland.

Please take a moment to study the information on the accommodation, checklist and things to do. Booking information and prices are shown on the last page, and early booking is strongly recommended. Flights from the UK go to Gibraltar and Malaga and only take around two and a half hours. You can use the links on this page to book flights and hire a car.

I hope you will have the chance to enjoy a truly memorable holiday.

Best wishes

Rob Rackliffe


  1. 1.View from Apartment Balcony

  2. 2.Rio Guadiaro at Sunrise

  3. 3.Griffon Vulture on migration

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“Where to Watch Birds in Southern and Western Spain “ by Ernest Garcia and Andrew Paterson is a useful guide to the area and includes a section on Sotogrande. Click on the book for more information

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